Pastors appreciation day

Last week was pastors appreciation day. Let me tell you about it. First I got dressed. Then I went in the car. Then I put on my shield. Then I went in the church. Then I went upstairs. Then I sat down. Here’s how the event went. First we did praise and worship. I got to worship and sing songs despite the fact that I sleep during worship. Then the event began. There were many different pastors that spoke but my favorite was sandrie Bermudez. I could tell you what the pastors were talking about but unfortunately they spoke in Spanish and I don’t speak Spanish so I can’t tell you what they said. But I can tell you that Bella won an award from the princess club and I appreciate that. In fact it was one of the few events that I was at where I appreciated someone else other than me get attention.and that’s what really matters.towards the end of the event sandrie gave me and my parents an envelope with money and she also gave me a cup that said evangelist Andrew on it. I loved it and I appreciate sandrie for giving me that cup. Unfortunately we had to leave early because my mom had to prepare for work because she was going to school the next day to teach her students but while I left I thought about everything that happened that day. Even though I couldn’t understand one word of what the people were saying I enjoyed myself and best of all I got to go to an actual church for once.and that was a very good thing indeed.

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