A Bit About Andrew

Andrew W. Merced was born in Brooklyn, New York.  At the age of two, Andrew was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome along with Schizophrenia. During Andrew's early years he spent his time learning how to speak using an intensive intervention method called Applied Behavior Application where he learned how to focus and look at people.  Andrew did not speak until the age of four and had a hard time making friends.  Today Andrew still struggles with socialization skills and meeting people.  He explains that his challenges and difficulty with learning social skills has been a primary source of his ideas and inspiration for his children’s stories. He now spends his time between writing children’s books and sharing his personal experiences in seminars, school visits, and speaking engagements. 

Former Honorable Mayor Ruben Bermudez honored

Andrew W. Merced on August 1, 2014, for being inspiration

in the community of Vineland, NJ.