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Jonathan Tries New Clothes
Jonathan Tries New Clothes is a story of a toy elephant who discovers a treasure chest filled with clothes. Jonathan the Elephant must decide whether he should wear the clothing. Fear of being rejected by God and his friends Jonathan must choose wisely.
Different Piece of the Puzzle
A Different Piece of the Puzzle is a heartwarming personal story that was written by Andrew W. Merced to share a small glimpse of his world we have come to know as autism. Andrew shares his moments with you honestly and concretely that only he can do. Andrew’s autobiography is a story of hope, love, fear, challenges, but most of all-conquering in spite of one's difficulty in a world that at times does not make sense.
Jonathan the Elephant
Jonathan the Elephant is a story about a young boy named Michael who becomes sick and his favorite stuffed animal becomes fearful and angry with God. Through prayer and forgiveness, a relationship is restored and true healing takes place.
Ayo and Yuliana is a story about forgiveness, obedience, and love. It is a story that was inspired by Adam and Eve the scriptures found in the Bible.
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